Page 1: Feedback Questionnaire - Occupational Health

We would like to obtain feedback about your recent Occupational Health visit.  Your views are important and will help us to both monitor and improve the service we provide

3.3. Were communications received with your appointment details helpful in explaining the role of occupational health and what to expect from the consultation? Required
4.4. Did the Health Professional introduce themselves? Required
5.5. Did the Health Professional treat you with dignity and respect? Required
6.6. Was your privacy and confidentiality maintained throughout your appointment? Required
7.7. Did the Health Professional ask you about your work activities and explore the relationship between your health and your work activities? Required
8.8. Did the Health Professional discuss the content of the feedback report to be sent to your manager and Human Resources with you and obtain your consent to do this? Required
9.9. Did the visit meet your expectations? Required