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This questionnaire is part of a research project conducted by the School of Literature and Languages and the Department of Higher Education at the University of Surrey. The purpose of the project is to inquire into how English Language teachers teach speaking online.

Your participation in this study is voluntary. You will be asked to complete an online survey, which should take no more than 15 minutes. You can refuse to answer any of the questions or withdraw at any time without saving your responses. Responses cannot be withdrawn after submission and incomplete responses will be used. The results of this study will be used for scholarly purposes only.

Data from this survey will be collected by the University of Surrey. All responses will be confidential and anonymous. As this survey will not ask you to share any personal information about yourself, it is extremely unlikely that you can be identified through your answers, and the study does not seek to identify you from your responses.  

By clicking on 'next' you are giving your consent to taking part in this survey.